It is not so much about finding The Path as much as it is to walk The Path. The mysteries of the Universe and far known dimensions are encoded deep within the layers of our subconscious minds and are synchronically reflected in the phenomenon of Nature. The study of stars, planets, herbs and physical and etheric beings has led many to madness but even more to discovery. The immense expanse of knowledge encircling and consuming us is overwhelming, to say at the least. But as we walk the sacred mysteries together, the journey becomes more meaningful.

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*-Shadows, Mirrors and Chaos-* (Ombres, Mirroirs et Chaos) is a place of personal reflection and a special endeavor to explore mysteries of the Otherworlds. It’s a very special platform for me where I can research and write on topics that influence me, and reach out to people who find interest in the spiritual domain as much. It is a sacred book of reflections and truths about the mysteries across dimensions and a careful act of researching esoteric wisdom across established spiritual and religious traditions throughout the existence of soul & human existence.
A deep study of ancient civilizations, encoded mysteries within symbolisms, lost cultures, mythologies that teach us about the archetypes we come to know as deities in our life, the practice of psycho-spirituality (as has become very popular in New Age spirituality these days) for the sake of healing, folklores that attempt to teach us about the world we live in; is awaiting you if you seek to broaden your perspective towards ancient mysteries. The study of various spiritual realms and the ancient beings forming a symbolic representation of specific ideas and lessons in our soul experience is a very enlightening and rewarding experience in our lives.


Apart from being a Spiritual Researcher, I am a Writer, Spiritual Counsellor, Artist, Healer and a Tarot Reader. This blog is a complete forum for discussion on these topics.

There are separate Hives to delve deeper to specific subjects here:

* The Unicorn Souls (Les âmes de la Licorne) is a place where we specifically delve into Divinatory Tools and Personal Healing and also seek guidance from + connection with various spiritual beings.
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It is a more practical way for you to aid your journey through the ascension process. Apart from that, I cover various psychological topics to aid you more in concepts like Shadow Work, Self Love, Inner Child etc.

* Grails and Sceptres (Graal et Sceptres) is my author profile where you can read through my fantasy works, poetries, psychological and philosophical musings and join me in my love for literature.

* My French Blogs (Les Grottes):

* You can browse through The Unicorn Souls Shop if you want to purchase any readings or healing services, courses, e-zines, e-books etc + watch out for the free stuff and podcasts I offer here.

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