Rules & Regulations

Before choosing to work with me and deciding to purchase any of my readings & services, please make sure you have understood the below Rules, Regulations and Ethics. It’s important that I am able to serve you in the best way possible and have clarity over your expectations from me. It’s also encouraging if you take out the time to learn more about my working style so that we can find out the best ways to work together. This further helps me to customize my services as per your needs.
It is my pleasure you came to my Sacred Space and are interested in working with me. I will be more than honored to serve you in the best way possible and hope to have great learning experiences from you at the same time. If you have any questions please do let me know. I will be extremely happy to solve your queries.
You can mail me at or access the Contact Form.
Thanks a lot my lovely Unicorns! You’re awesome!!!


I run my practice with utmost honesty and love. I hope you will understand my vision and support me wholeheartedly. Below are some rules for my practice and for each reading or service I will be providing in my shop, these will be applicable. Kindly take the time to go through them before you proceed on to book a reading from my shop.

Rules and Regulations

1) You must be 18 or above to purchase any readings from my shop

2) Please avoid Yes/No questions. Currently I am offering only Tarot (and Oracle and Angel Card) readings and I do Yes/No questions only with Pendulums.

3) Please avoid questions related to Death, Divorce, or any field where an expert professional advice is applicable. These will include Legal assistance, Financial assistance, Medical assistance, Psychological assistance etc. If I feel that any question is beyond the scope of services I provide, I would have to cancel the order or I would have to ask you to rephrase the question so that we can proceed.

4) Please avoid Timeline questions. As mentioned in earlier points, currently I am offering only Tarot (and Oracle and Angel Card) readings and I do Timeline questions only with Pendulums.

5) I use Tarot, Oracle, Angel Card and other forms of Cartomancy in readings to help determine patterns and harnessing those patterns to improve our lives. My readings don’t focus on only hardcore fortune telling for my clients as I feel it limits the scope of the tools that I am using, and hence there’s no benefit as a spiritual counsel or advise for them to take charge of their lives. Before purchasing readings from any of the categories in my shop, I would advise you to go through my sample readings and LunaLune Scopes to get aquainted with my reading style.
All my lovingly curated readings are meant to empower my clients so they can alter their attitude over a situation and take charge of their lives. I completely avoid fear based, speculative readings.

6) For booking a reading, you must first fill a form and send it to me. Once I receive your details and review your questions, I will send you steps to proceed. All payments are accepted through PayPal.

7) Once you have purchased a reading, refund won’t be possible. I have utmost faith over the quality of my work and would request you to proceed only once you have seen my sample readings (and Monthly scopes) and have had your questions sorted (there will be a different form where you can get your queries sorted with me prior to purchasing a reading). You will be allowed, however, to have three clarifying questions post the reading.
P.S. You can’t ask new questions. Clarifiers are meant to help you understand the message from the readings in case you haven’t understood it.

8) Once a reading has been purchased, orders are completed usually within 2-6 business days. In the unlikely event I fail to deliver it within 8 days, you get a refund along with your complete reading!

9) If I am offering a free reading in my shop and you order it, giving a Testimonial post the reading is mandatory. It is to ensure whether I have done the justice to your reading or not and helps as a feedback for my future services. For those who have purchased readings, please give a Feedback as it really helps.

10) When you send me your question, you can advise me on which deck would you want your reading to be done. However, I would be finalizing the deck only as per its availability and what my intuition is saying at the point. Often times, some Tarot/Oracle/ angel decks speak more and are very helpful while doing a specific reading. However your suggestion is most welcome in aiding my decision.

11) Make sure you’ve read the complete description of the reading before you purchase it. This is so you can have complete clarity over what to expect in the reading. All readings are sent in PDF format over e-mail. There is no specific word length for readings as it depends on your personal message. However you can expect minimum 2-3 descriptive lines for each card. The PDF will include pictures of the cards and other items that I have used to enhance your reading.

12) Please ask for a reading only for yourself. If you’re asking queries about another person (it could even be your spouse or children) then I won’t be able to procure their consent on it and hence won’t be able to proceed with the order.
You can, however, e-mail me and discuss the Gift Certificate option. A Gift Certificate is a loving way to show how much you care for that person!

Disclaimer Notice: By purchasing a reading from The Unicorn Souls Shop, you accept all the Rules and Regulations mentioned on this page and accept that these readings should never replace legal, medical, psychological, financial or other professional advice. All readings and services are for Entertainment Purposes only.

Ethics & Few More Things To Know:

* I am a Claircognizant, Clairsentient and growing in my abilities as a Clariaudient. If while doing your reading I receive some messages from Spirit which might not be related to your reading/question, I’ll still mention it for you in the PDF.

*When you fill out a form to book a reading, please include your Picture, D.O.B and write down your situation and why you think you need that reading. Also do let me know your expectations from the reading beforehand so I know we are on the same page.

*As mentioned before, I work with Tarot, Oracle and Angel decks. However, if you want me to do your reading only with a Tarot Deck, please specify that in your reading. (Read point 10 of ‘Rules and Regulations’). I reserve the right though to choose which Tarot Deck I want to proceed with for your reading.

*My readings are meant to be authentic and real. Please be receptive to the messages from Spirit. There might be things that you don’t want to hear or accept immediately, especially in sensitive topics like ‘Is he my soulmate’ etc. But unless a reading challenges your existing points of view, you don’t get to break through the limitations

*I don’t consider Tarot Readings to be absolute. I believe destiny is a product of our actions and readings are only meant to empower your choices, intuition and connection with the Divine. What you make out of that reading and how it helps change your life is ultimately in your hand. My work is to be a coach and chaneller.

* All readings under my “Financial” section are only and only meant to bring you in the abundance mindset and understand the spiritual patterns behind your abundance and wealth related mindset. Please don’t consider it as a replacement to any professional and technical advice. I won’t be telling you ‘how to make money quick’ sort of things in my readings.

*I do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity.

*All information provided by the clients are kept confidential.

*My services come from a place of love, concern and a desire to heal. I am a healer at heart and Empath by soul. I have been sensitive to the needs of others for almost all my life and now I’m super glad to be able to direct that love in a more productive way!

*Fanboys and Fangirls: please avoid celeb questions. ‘Is this celeb my soulmate’, ‘is this team going to win’ etc.

*I do not contact the dead, really sorry about that. Though there are specific curated readings which seek to get guidance from Ancestors, spirit guides etc. {P.S. I don’t talk to any of your specific ancestor or reveal their name to you. I simply bring required healing, mentorship and guidance from the Ancestral realm for you}

*For Soulmate, Twin Flame and Relationships reading, my major focus is you, your responses, thoughts, beliefs and feelings which is affecting the relationship. Like I mentioned before, I won’t do a detailed analysis of their psyche etc. It’s highly unethical to scrutinize a person and reveal their details to someone other than them. However, my readings will have enough practical insights and empathetic guidance to help you deal with the relationship and situation.  After all, that’s what is actually going to help you!

And Lastly, I know my list of Rules and Ethics are quite long, but believe me, it’s going to be equally rewarding and soul filling for both the client and me. I believe in running my business holistically than finding the ‘easy way out’ route. I follow these rules to protect the interest of both my clients and me.

Lots Of Crystal Love,

Luna Lune
(A Sacred Unicorn Soul out there finding other beautiful Unicorns)

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