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Welcome to the darke lairs of a fantasy connoisseur and realm creatrix.



*^~Grails and Sceptres~^* is my author page and space for sharing my creative and writing work on the Shadows, Mirrors & Chaos official website. Though the rest of the blog focuses on heavy subjects like spirituality, theosophy, metaphysics, healing, esoteric and non-fic writing; Grails & Sceptres serves to be a very special abode which takes you all to creative journeys through words and storytelling. It is a space dedicated to celebrating literature and fiction.

About Me (My Author Profile)


Welcome to the darke lairs of a fantasy connoisseur and realm creatrix. I like to devour huge piles of fantasy gourmet and weave out my own realms and characters in the form of poetries, prose and fiction nuggets. I write within the genres of Gothic, Epic, High fantasy; Paranormal, Sci-Fi and Psychological thrillers. Poetry has been my jam since a very young age and I aim to create realms beyond everyday reach and imagination.

When I’m not delving into fictional worlds, I spend time researching on mystical truths and ponder about the essence of life, soul and Universe. Philosophising is a sinfully delightful activity for my etched soul!

I believe in the Otherworlds and like to recreate them in art, photos, songs and writings. And when I read something that stirs my inner madness, I review and critique them with my readers. I like to discuss why I like what I read/watch/hear, and love to engage my readers into that discussion. That is, my way of reviewing my experiences and I feel it brings forth a more lively environment.

Creating is a ceremonious act for me, and I invite you to sit within the aura of this wonder world, absorbing every ounce of this magnificence in your consciousness.

                                                         Why ~*Grails and Sceptres*~ ?

*^~Grails and Sceptres~^* serves to be a realm within realms where you can explore Gothic reimaginings, fantasy delicacies and poetries from Other-worlds. It’s your personal haven when you want to comfort yourself into sinful soul expressions and also your guiding light to all things splendidly dark, macabre and psychedelic.

I am a Tarot-holic and art collector who passionately uses tarot imagery for creative exploration and deep, bending soulistic creations. All my work is heavily dosed with wickedness, unorthodox imaginations and dollops of artistry.

My fiction writings range from dark fantasy, sci-fi, psychological thrillers, children’s fiction, goth culture, paranormal, epic and high fantasy, magic and supernatural. Also watch out for my reviews and personal critiques on books, journals or authors related to fiction and spirtituality.

In all beauty, love and magic,

Madhulika Mitra
(Luna Lune)

copyright Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed to Madhulika Mitra (aka, Luna Lune), under a  Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.










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