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I have been blogging since a long, long time however as I saw my vision for my work expanding, I felt my earlier blogs lacked that ‘mist, magic and fire’ that I wanted my blog to contain. My search for wisdom and Truth brings me to create a sacred space where we can reflect over spiritual topics and branches of esoteric study that we fail to recognize in our mundane life. Shadows Mirrors and Chaos is one such space where I find that a lot of issues can be addressed, as well as we can create a platform where differences in spiritual and religious traditions and ideologies can be given a chance to be understood and accepted.

Shadows Mirrors and Chaos is not just one idea but an amalgamations for a lot of ideas and possibilities birthing through me since past few years.


This blog would interest you if:

* You are willing to explore the mystical wonders of this magical space we inhabit called the Universe
* You an an Occultic aficionado + magick explorer and you want to experience the sacred, healing art of Divination
* You have discovered the beautiful wide world of Yoga, Meditation and Mandalas
* You love to relish Gothic reimaginings, darke sinful fantasy pieces + poetries, love exploring books and media related to similar topics and don’t mind stepping through creative journeying led by me
* You are ready to step into the vicious mind of a Tarot holic and explore through awe inspiring realms and dimensions beyond the everyday reality
* You are bit by the New Age bug and love to expand consciousness by delving into topics like meditation, inner peace, abundance, law of attraction, self actualization, empowerment, afterlife, anxiety, awakening etc.
* You identify yourself as a spiritual warrior for the new age: whether you identify yourself as an Indigo, Light-worker, Crystals, Old Souls, Empaths, HSPs etc or an Otherkin.
* You want to explore Paganism, Neo-Paganism, the wisdom of ancestors, ancient knowledge and Path of the ancients
* You are hugely mystified by subjects like mythologies, theology and folklore.
* You are huge on psycho-spirituality, trans-personal psychology and are constantly awed by wisdom left by psychologists like Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud etc who are inspiring the new age spiritual movements and blurring the lines and bridging the gap between all religious traditions currently.
* You are a soul warrior who has made a conscious and courageous choice to heal themselves so they can heal the society at large. You love delving into topics related to healing like Self Love, Shadow Work, Inner Child, chakra healing and make a conscious space for Self Contemplation and Self Awareness in your routine.
* You are walking the Ascension pathway and realize humanity is nothing without a spiritual evolution.
* You have seen abuse in name of religion and politics and want to stand up for it on a global level .
* You love the power of ancient symbols, and want to explore the secrets behind sacred geometry and sacred sites
*You are learning about Goddesses and stepping into themes like goddess spirituality, divine feminine and feminine leadership
* You are an holistic artist or appreciate Soul Arts

If you connect with any of these descriptions, then rejoice since you have found yourself at the right place and you will see that you are able to connect with the voice of this blog at a more atomic level. We are at an age of a spiritual revolution where we recognize the limitations of old constructs and a society stuck deep down into mud of corruption, hate and prejudice. We are the warriors for the new age who take it onto ourselves to make this place a better one for the future generations.

If you want to contribute to this space and be a part of this community, you can get in touch over at

Lots of love and blessings,
Luna Lune

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