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Hello My Lovely Unicorns,
Welcome to this mystic shop, The Unicorn Souls (TUS), where you can get life guidance in any area of your life. My intuitive readings and messages for you are channeled from Divine Realm and I strive to provide you the most accurate guidance so that you can manifest your goals.

Currently I am offering various Tarot and Oracle Readings for all the lovely mystics out there. If you require personalized guidance in any aspect of your life, feel free to browse through my shop and pick from any available items. My offerings are divided into separate categories so that you can pick that area of your life where you’re looking for a soul guidance. Before purchasing any reading make sure you have read all Rules & Regulations that I maintain for carrying out a reading. It will also help you follow the steps for making a purchase. For each category, I choose an appropriate spread for the reader based on their question and what they’re looking for.

The Unicorn Souls Shop has grown over time and I am happy to announce new additions to this:

  • TUS: Grails and Sceptres will contain fantasy, fiction, poetry, philosophy, psychological healing and non-fic writing in the form of e-zines, e-mags, e-books etc. Apart from that my Reading & Writing Podcast + Videos will be included here. Every month I will include both free as well as paid material.These are the monthly e-zines that will be put up starting from October:
    Mind Pickles: mind has its own flavors :- This e-zine is dedicated to my previous blog that played a very important role in my writing journey. This e-zine will focus on general life musings and some abstract, mind boggling thoughts that make us think harder about the world we live in. If you like the free version, you can purchase the full, paid version as well.
    Psychogasm :-  Psychogasm features some of the best psychological minds and concepts and gives you a very easy, personal take on the subjects. I will also include juicy Journal Prompts + prose poetries + exercises and loads of tid-bits to help you in psychological brainstorming, albeit in very creative and unique ways. If you like the free version, you can purchase the full, paid version as well.
  • TUS: Shadows, Mirrors and Chaos will contain e-zines, e-mags, e-books, Podcasts, Videos etc based on spirituality, religion, esoterism, mysticism and related topics. Every month I will include both free as well as paid material.

I will be adding more Divination & Healing Services  as well as Art Items in future as my shop grows. Keep watching this space for loads of Freebies that I’ll be offering from time to time!

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The Unicorn Souls Shop: Grails and Sceptres Productions


The Unicorn Souls Shop: Shadows, Mirrors and Chaos Productions


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This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form. You can come up with any queries, even if you are having questions or difficulty booking a reading you can get in touch with me with the help of this form.

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