The Unicorn Souls

………A starry abode + my Mystic Shop, The Unicorn Souls {TUS} for all the celestial souls hiding in this mundane world.

A home for all kinds of UNICORNS: cosmic seekers, starseeds, lightworkers, old souls, crystals, indigos, empaths, rainbows, earth angels, sapiosexuals, psychics, BlueRays, Diamonds and many more new ones to discover.

Buckle Up. The journey to ascension has started.

We all are unicorns at heart. Rare, unique and awesome.

Mythologically unicorns are considered to be creatures possessing high intellect, amazing healers, insanely intuitive and lovingly empathetic.
Regardless to note, in the current spiritual revolution people connecting with their soulprints and higher Universal beings, are experiencing all of these! It won’t be a surprise then to accept that we all are/becoming Unicorns in the coming centuries.


The Unicorn Souls is a safe haven for all the magical and ethereal souls out there to interact and explore. And for those who know there’s a world beyond the mundane, this is your perfect Soiree.

Here, we will see Universe through the lenses of various tools, our mind being the most potent one. I will be using Cosmic and Divinatory Tools (like Tarot, Oracle, Pendulums, Crystals etc) to walk you through the lake of wisdom and consciousness. Together we drink the celestial elixir of ascension and revel in the dance of the Spirit.

Yes, it’s a voyage to fantastical world of “light, mist and magic” where we join hands to transform this world, One Atom a Time.






Les âmes de la Licorne




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